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Creating filter example
For example, you want to create filter based on the first email in the list.

Click and hold on first email until context menu pops up. Click on the 'Create filter' command.

Now select on which part of an email you want to create filter. In this case 'Subject'.

When you select 'Subject', subject text is automatically inserted in the edit box. Now select part of the subject (part of text, word, few words...), that you want to create filter on. Click on the 'Create filter' button (first button on toolbar). This will take you to filter creation dialog.

Filter creation dialog is already filled with appropriate data that you selected in previous dialog. Now just select action for the filter and click OK. Also you can change any part of this filter (e.g. you can change email part from 'Subject' to 'Anywhere', so filter will search for 'medcations online' in entire email.

Now message is filtered as spam and marked for deletion. Click on filter status image (devil face) to see why message is filtered.


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